Thursday, August 29, 2013

CHERUBS Fundraiser - First Ever Original Lullaby Written Just for CHERUBS!

For the first time, CHERUBS has a lullaby written with our cherubs in mind.  A good friend of mine offered to compose and perform an original lullaby for CHERUBS.

The lullaby is amazing and is called "A Fighter's Lullaby".  This is the official announcement of the first ever "A Fighter's Lullaby" CHERUBS fundraiser.

You can purchase the song for only $1.89.  However, you have the opportunity to "pay" more if you would like just by increasing the purchase price at time of checkout.

After PayPal processing fees, all money raised will be donated to either the Family Support Fund at CHERUBS or CDH Research or both depending on how much we raise.

Here's is a sample of this amazing lullaby by Ross Crean (a local Chicago musician).

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Here's a short note from the composer/artist :

I first became aware of CDH when my friends Neil and Amy Rubenstein's son, Aidan, was diagnosed with the birth defect. Like a great many people, I had no knowledge that something like CDH existed until it happened to someone I knew. Raising awareness is so crucial to helping research, detect, and even one day prevent this condition.

I wrote "A Fighter's Lullaby" with two intentions. ONE, to compose a lullaby to raise money for the CHERUBS organization, and TWO, to send a message of love and support for those heroes who deal every day with the effects of CDH. It is my hope that this song will serve as a message of solace and encouragement, not only to the children who are diagnosed, but also to the parents who soldier bravely through the losses and hardships that it brings. To those who have lost children to CDH, and to those who continue to fight it: may this song be your light in the present darkness, and remind you that even the most difficult struggle always reaches an end. Stay strong!

Copyright 2013 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne Music/ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.

Interested in "purchasing" this song? Just use the Add to Cart button below.  And remember you are more than welcome to donate more than $1.89 for the lullaby.

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Once you purchase the song, you will have the opportunity to download it right away.  You should also receive a link via email with instruction for downloading.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CHERUBS Raffle for Research

Last December we held a Facebook contest and you voted for your favorite Research Center to get a $10,000 CDH Research Grant. We were able to give away 2 grants for $10,000 each thanks to all your help selling 50/50 CDH Raffle tickets and thanks to 1 determined family who raised $10,000 in memory of their daughter! $10,000 went to The Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment at CHOP and $10,000 went to DHREAMS Research Study (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia).


Our goal is to sell 1000 more 50/50 CDH Raffle tickets to raise another $10,000 and to work together to raise an additional $15,000 through fundraisers and firstgiving pages. 

Think we can do it? Want to give $25,000 in CDH Research Grants this December? We sure do!!!


1. Purchase tickets at

2. Sell paper tickets by e-mailing us your name and address to

3. Hold a fundraiser by talking to our Fundraising Coordinator Melissa Larrison at

4. Create a Firstgiving Page in honor/memory of your cherub at

It's not hard to help! We had several families sell over 50 tickets each and we have had 2 families raise over $10,000 on Firstgiving and one who raised $25,000! If all of us work together on this we can far exceed our goal and raise a lot of money for CDH Research!

For more information:
CHERUBS - Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH): CDH Research